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Does your company have what it takes to contribute to our mission “Chip with zero lifetime emissions?

Chip Zero roadmap is aligned with the mission of zero lifetime emission semiconductor chips. This ambitious mission needs active involvement of ecosystem partners, and we seek and welcome all project proposals which takes us closer to a green semiconductor field. 

Business Finland has reserved 20M€ for supporting of Chip Zero partnership projects. Preferred project type is Business Finland Co-innovation instrument. More information can be found on Business Finland webpages.

Join the Ecosystem

Do you have an innovative project idea which is related to the R&D themes in the Zero Chip Ecosystem, and you would be interested in joining us? Send us your details today so we can discuss more. We will get back to you soon!

Chip with zero lifetime emissions

Chip Zero aims to create the first semiconductor ecosystem in Finland with a mission to develop chips with zero lifetime emissions. The aim is to lower the deposition emissions of semiconductor manufacturing by 50% and increase the handprint of chips by double-digit percentages by 2030, thus leading to an overall zero lifetime emission.