Chip Zero

Shaping the Future of Finnish Semiconductor Industry

Chip with Zero Lifetime Emissions

Chip Zero  aims to create the first semiconductor ecosystem in Finland with a mission to develop chips with zero lifetime emissions. The aim is to lower the deposition emissions of semiconductor manufacturing by 50% and increase the handprint of chips by double digit percentages by 2030, thus leading to an overall zero lifetime emission.

News and Events

Substantial funding has been granted by Business Finland for the project “Circularity in semiconductor fabrication”.
A significant funding has been granted by Business Finland for the project “New chemistries for resource efficient semiconductor
The first Chip Zero Ecosystem event was held 14th of December, 2023, in Espoo. Chip Zero project was launched in 2023 with a mission to
Chip Zero theme “Boosting circularity for manufacturing value chains” - Interview with theme lead Riina Ritasalo Who are you and what is
Chip Zero theme “Increasing the handprint of digitalization”Interview with theme lead Safdar Muhammad
Chip Zero brings together Finnish semiconductor companies and organizations to form an ecosystem that brings new business opportunities
Chip Zero is a Business Finland funded initiative aimed at creating an industry ecosystem for more sustainable and environmentally friendly
Picosun hosted a special event on 22nd March 2023 in Espoo to celebrate the launch of the ChipZero project, which aims to shape the future
ESPOO, Finland, 22nd of December 2022 – Picosun, an Applied Materials company, has received funding from Business Finland to form an R&D

Research and Development Themes of Chip Zero

Chip Zero aims to address global challenges:

Developing resource-efficient semiconductor manufacturing equipment, processes and materials

Designing and manufacturing thin film deposition systems with focus on ALD systems.

Boosting circularity by linking value chains to closed resource cycles

Making an impact on the consumption of most significant hazardous chemicals, selection of most environmentally friendly chemicals and energy flows.

Increasing the handprint of electrification through increased efficiency and scalability

Increasing the positive environmental aspects of semiconductor components, with focus on power components and different aspects of electrification.

Building a Finnish semiconductor ecosystem

Building the Chip Zero ecosystem in Finland and steering it to achieve results with high impact.

Join the ecosystem

Do you have an innovative project idea which is related to the R&D themes in the Zero Chip Ecosystem, and you would be interested in joining us? Send us your details today so we can discuss more. We will get back to you soon!