Chip Zero program welcomes new partners to join and shape the future of Finnish semiconductor industry

Chip Zero brings together Finnish semiconductor companies and organizations to form an ecosystem that brings new business opportunities through international collaboration. The mission of the Business Finland funded program is to develop chips with zero lifetime emissions. The program welcomes new members who think they can contribute to one or more of the program themes.



The semiconductor industry ecosystem is formed of three layers. The first layer, the core, comprises key actors in the Finnish semiconductor industry, such as research institutions, companies, and key research units. The second layer consists of subcontractors, suppliers, and customers of the core group. The third layer consists of various experts and companies that provide specific functions. The program is open for organizations from all of these layers.

There are three program themes to which the program seeks organizations’ input and around which co-projects can be established. The first theme is the resource-efficient manufacturing of semiconductor components. This includes optimizing components, equipment, and the manufacturing process, as well as packaging. The second major theme is circular economy and its integration into the semiconductor industry. The third theme focuses on improving the efficiency of key semiconductor component applications. 

The growth of the semiconductor industry requires a collective voice of the Finnish semiconductor industry to influence Finnish decision-makers, to increase education, and to acquire capabilities and workforce. The ecosystem also helps in forming and maintaining a collective voice.

Chip Zero partnership projects are funded by Business Finland. In addition to the funding Picosun received to establish the program, it has reserved 20M€ for supporting the partnership projects. Preferred project type is Business Finland Co-innovation instrument. More information can be found on Business Finland webpages. Ultimately, the aim is to scale the program over time to encompass over 50 ecosystem partner companies and R&D investments to reach more than 100M€ with contributions from the ecosystem partners.

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