Research and development themes of Chip Zero

The Chip Zero project focuses on four R&D themes listed below. We are looking forward to having your contribution to these themes in the Chip Zero Ecosystem!

Developing resource-efficient semiconductor manufacturing equipment, processes and materials

This R&D theme focuses on designing and manufacturing thin film deposition systems (with focus on ALD systems), optimizing ALD processes including the development of new precursors and improving the system automation processes in a resource-efficient manner. To achieve chip with zero lifetime emissions, the present semiconductor equipment and processes need to be assessed in terms of energy and chemical consumption. Further, new machine parts, precursors, processes as well as automatization need to be developed.

Boosting circularity by linking value chains to closed resource cycles

The starting point of this R&D theme is that efficient boosting is needed to start the process to implement sustainable solutions for the semiconductor manufacturing value chains. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) concentrating on emission analysis for the semiconductor industry will be implemented to clarify the present status of emissions. Outputs from the assessment of energy and chemical consumption focusing on ALD tools and processes within the first R&D theme will be used to make a wider assessment for the manufacturing value chains of chips in the semiconductor industry. The planned actions boost the circularity for present semiconductor manufacturing processes are in key role to achieve the mission of chip with zero lifetime emissions.

Increasing the positive environmental aspects of semiconductor components, with focus on power components and different aspects of electrification

This R&D theme is dedicated to increasing the positive environmental aspects of semiconductor components. The focus will be on power components and different aspects of electrification, but the main findings are transferrable to other applications. High-power electric systems will be analysed to identify components needing improvements the most. The electric efficiency of different power electronic components will be improved by better manufacturing processes and by better component designs. Finally, this theme will also address the component reliability aiming to increase their lifetime. The increased lifetime for components has a huge impact to the chip with zero emissions mission due to the decreased need to manufacture new components.

Building a Finnish semiconductor ecosystem

This is an overarching R&D theme which builds the Chip Zero project ecosystem, the Customer Collaboration Lab and a common platform for customer-led processes. We aim to build lasting relationship based on mutual business and R&D interests and trust and pilot new technologies throughout the manufacturing value chain. The work done in this R&D theme lays the foundations for strong collaboration along the full semiconductor production value chain in Finland. It also covers the creation of new, improved local research infrastructure, thereby increasing self-sustainability, and contributing to an increased independence from Asian markets.

Download our roadmap

Chip Zero roadmap is aligned with the mission of zero lifetime emission semiconductor chips. This ambitious mission needs active involvement of ecosystem partners, and we seek and welcome all project proposals which takes as closer to a green semiconductor field. 

Download our roadmap for further details.