A significant grant for greener semiconductor technology

A significant funding has been granted by Business Finland for the project “New chemistries for resource efficient semiconductor manufacturing”.


The project is led by professors Maarit Karppinen and Antti Karttunen from the Department of Chemistry and Materials Science at Aalto University. The industrial partners include Applied Materials in Finland (Picosun), PiBond and Volatec.

Semiconductor industry is one of the most resource-intensive industries in the world, with every generation of chips increasing the environmental cost. Chemistry plays a key role in the fabrication of chips and the project “New chemistries for resource efficient semiconductor manufacturing” aims to improve the sustainability of semiconductor manufacturing from the chemistry point of view. The project will focus on the development, modelling, and testing of new chemistries and processes for semiconductor industry.

“New chemistries for resource efficient semiconductor manufacturing” is the first co-innovation project part of Applied Materials (Picosun) led leading company (Veturi) program called Chip Zero. The program aims is to lower the deposition emissions of semiconductor manufacturing by 50% and increase the handprint of chips by double digit percentages by 2030, and to create the first semiconductor ecosystem in Finland.

The co-innovation project focuses on several major aspects that support the overall Chip Zero program targets:
•Use of less hazardous chemicals
•Reduced chemical consumption
•New and/or optimized processes
•Energy-efficient manufacturing


“The project combines the leading expertise of relevant Finnish industry and university groups and is tightly intertwined in our extensive international research networks, which will significantly support the research carried out in the project”, says Dr. Riina Ritasalo, one of the Chip Zero theme leaders, from Applied Materials in Finland (Picosun).


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